I see beauty in randomness: the pattern of leaves that have fallen on the grass, the dog’s paw prints in the mud or the shadows of the trees on the wet tarmac. These are the things I see while I’m out walking. The rhythm of walking itself is something that comes into my work as well. There is a certain beauty and meditative quality in this rhythm.

Chance and my response to it, the choices that I make in reaction, and the deliberate use of repetition -be it in the recurring imagery, the action of the mark making or the tearing of the paper- are the essential building blocks in my work.

Painting and drawing and printmaking are the constant elements of my work and they take turns in playing the leading role. They feed each other and are always connected.



My work is shown in both solo and group exhibitions at galleries and Art Fairs in the UK and the Netherlands.

A selection of these:


Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court

The Stables at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham


Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester

New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham

Galerie Art Melvy, The Netherlands
Pantiles Edge Gallery, Tunbridge Wells
Arti 07 The Hague, the Netherlands
The Affordable Art Fair, London and Amsterdam
Galerie Amaterasu, The Netherlands
View Gallery, Thames Ditton
Jersey Galleries at Osterley Park, Isleworth
Cat Hill Gallery, London
Brighton Art Fair